FAQ (Korduma Kippuvad Küsimused)


What is website aims to provide a quick and convenient overview of events in any city in the world, and also allows you to see the percentage of
involved a particular gender at these parties. After signing in with Facebook you can also see the parties who are going to visit your friends.
Or, for example, to see the people of the opposite gender, which often visit those parties that you do.

How does it work?

Site based on Facebook API (open source software for working with Facebook data).
Thanks to the Facebook API, we request all information about upcoming parties in any city, as well as obtain a user name that will visit them.
All information is public and by registering on Facebook, you are automatically agree with the rules,
that any developer using the Facebook API can get all the public information of the every user.

My profile is here. How can I remove it? activity is not directed at the misuse of personal data.
All data were obtained automatically with a resolution of Facebook API, with the rules you agreed to.
Meanwhile if you do not want that your name would be on this site, we are happy to help remove it.

For this there are two possibilities:

If you want to immediately delete the information:
1. On the profile page, where is located your name, click on "Delete Profile"
2. If you do not lo, need to go through Facebook and confirm that you are the owner of this profile.
3. After confirmation, click again on the link and your profile will be removed.

If for some reason deletion by Facebook not working or not satisfied:
1. Go to the and fill out the removal form(do not forget to attach link to your profile). Data will be deleted by the administrator within 3 working days.

Facebook: Data Use Policy
Facebook: Information we receive about you

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