Party: Eraxsmusss White T-Shirt Party

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Party: Eraxsmusss White T-Shirt Party

Next Tuesday we'll have another amazing Eraxsmusss Party... ;-) Unfortunately this unforgettable Erasmus experience is about to finish soon :-( so before to start to say good bye with our good bye party, we have an idea to help you leaving each other an indelible memory... ;-) Just dress up or bring with you some white T-shirt and we will provide you with the markers to write messages on your friends' shirts... ;-)

And for all Students that live far from center and from Salento,will be possible like always to benefit of Salento free bus service...


from GIEDRIACIU STOTELE next Kalvariju turgus at 23:40
from "Baltupiai" near Mykolo Romerio University at 00.00
from "Sauletekis" near TVM University at
and in Sevcenkos str. near Corner hotel at
Coming back from Salento at 5.00 o'clock